Hi! Meet the Browns! These two are the cutest parents to be ever. Shooting these two was such a blast (not only because Devyn is one of my closest friends) but because these two are the silliest duo. 

I dont usually write too much about my clients.. But i am definitely interested in sharing some of my experiences shooting.. thats probably why you are even reading this right?


As a more "candid" type a photographer you never really know how any shoot is going to turn out. I have never really enjoyed going for a more "posed" look. Now i'm not saying i never tell my clients wha to do.. i am just the one that sets up the situation and let them do the rest. I just find it more fun! 

Here are some images of the shoot i really wanted to share with you. Not only because i LOVE these 2.. but because i think a lot f my clients feel like you have to be "good at posing for pictures" to have beautiful photos.. and i just don't think that exists. Devyn and Micheal just went with the flow of the shoot and it was so cool to see how the images developed based off of their own interactions rather than the photographer interaction. 

Sara Salamon