To my beautiful little niece. Just last weekend with did a little shoot for this little 2 Month Old Princess... And boy did she rock the show. My newest little addition to my model contact loved her candidness in all of the photos. As a photographer.. i used to always struggle trying to control my content, whether it was posing people a certain way, dressing them in an outfit that went hang in hand with my theme, finding a location that I can control my light.. and so on.. and so on.. 

But trying so hard to have so much control is not only exhausting.. but it takes the fun out of shooting. It ruins the surprise of images. I am not saying you MUST shoot in a way where you just completely wing the shoot.. i am just saying that it is a little refreshing to let your models be who they are and sort of allow the shoot to evolve based on the personality of your subject (even if they are only a few months old).