Hi Friends! As some of you may know, Levi and I celebrated yet another anniversary. And what a better way to celebrate than to pack up our bags and take a little road trip to Arizona. We both have a strong passion for travel and love spontaneous adventure.

Note: please excuse our dorky photos.. we were just having way too much fun!  


So.. why did we chose Arizona?! Well here is a little back story! I have a HUGE love for healing crystals and herbal remedies.. otherwise known as WHITE MAGIC. I've studied a bit of it through out college by some of the typical traditions (aka sage sweeps, himalayan salt, wand crystals ect) but recently have been starting to take it a little more seriously. I have been practicing meditation while using the many methods of white magic and have found myself to have responded in an extremely positive way. 


I have noticed an over all shift with my mood as well as my lifestyle. And i believe that having a strong and positive mentality definitely plays a strong role in maintaining positivity in all aspects of our life (success in work, health, relationships etc.) Now.. if you think I am absolutely crazy.. you are not alone.. Levi thinks the exact same thing! 


B U T !

Here is the thing about Levi.. He loves me and is the best boyfriend in the world.. so why not go to a fun new place where this ideology exists! Yes.. Sedona is definitely known as the place to go for white magic! 

So now you can enjoy some of our fun little pics from our trip! 


If you're like me and enjoy studying this information, here are a few books i 


and highly suggest reading to learn more about this information.

Sara Salamon