My name is Sara Jayne Salamon. A am a graduate from the University of Southern California where I studied Fine Art with a focus in Photo and Design as well as minored in Business. I work mostly in LA, OC and IE but I am never opposed to traveling the world. I love shooting lifestyle, family, weddings and special events where i can work directly with people and allow an artistic translation from real life into an image,  My particular lifestyle revolves mostly around the ocean. I love surf culture and camping and find a way to express that through my photos. 

Because of this i have found myself to be shooting swimwear for various known brands and absolutely love it. Aside from my freelance business, I also work as the Creative Content Coordinator where i shoot for brands like Braven, Incipio, incase and Tavik. My work has become a variety of things and seems to evolve with my subject matter. Portraiture has always been the main content of my photos but each image has become remarkably different due to by clientele. I love taking photographs and more so photographing my design work.